San Diego Mortgage Broker

Why do I need a San Diego Mortgage Broker?

The best San Diego mortgage brokers are frequently hired to help potential homeowners negotiate home loans. Interestingly, in California alone, over 77% of all home loans are negotiated by mortgage brokers.

The role of the broker is to find qualifying borrowers, and to assume some of the risks of fraud and foreclosure. In the home-buying process, the broker processes legal paperwork associated with mortgages. It is important to keep in mind that in San Diego, you should deal with only licensed mortgage brokers who exclusively funds loans with other people’s money.

Duties of Mortgage Brokers The job of a loan broker is to attract clients (in particular their money). S/he must also assess the credit history of the borrower to make sure that he is solvent. Finally, the broker analyzes the market to find suitable lenders that can accomplish the monetary exchange. Finally, the broker takes care of all the paperwork. In San Diego, almost all real estate transactions include the role of a mortgage broker.

san diego mortgage broker

With San Diego Real Estate & Mortgage Laws, San Diego mortgage brokers are required by California law to be registered and licensed with the state, which is in contrast to a loan officer who is typically not held liable for legal infractions. Loan officers also have less experience, so mortgage brokers are preferred. Either way, can go wrong with San Diego mortgage brokers.

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